Hello, I am Tim Sars, a musician based in Vancouver, Canada.

While my main instrument is the baritone sax, I also play alto, tenor, flute, piano, and well as having a deep love for musical composition. Coming from a musical family, with both my parents working as sax players, I have had the great privilege of growing up in a culture that values creativity. I intend to carry these values forward within my own family, by creating music with my brother Nathan Barrett (trumpet), as well as engaging the community at large. I pride myself in my ability to bring people of all walks of life together through music making. I’m very lucky to call many of Vancouver’s best musicians my closest friends.

Some of the projects I work with include the Carnival Band (activist community brass band), Greenhorn Community Music Project (youth brass band), the Sweetpea Swing Band, Tiny Islands (specializing in schools shows), Camaro 67 (funk/afro beat band), and The Tim Sars Band (performing original jazz inspired compositions).

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